PitMad on Twitter

PitMad on Twitter

Have you ever seen the #PitMad hashtag on Twitter? Why should you care about PitMad?

Let’s take a look at what PitMad is.

What is #PitMad?

It is a quarterly pitch session on Twitter. Essentially what you are doing is tweeting about your work, but it is only on specific dates, and agents and publishers are watching.

Getting ready

Do yourself a favor, and create your tweets now. As in, today. You want to know what to tweet, and you want to be able to fit both the #PitMad hashtag into your tweet, but also the hashtag specific to your genre. According to Sub It Club and Brenda Drake, the age-specific and genre-specific hashtags (use both, as appropriate) are as follows:

  • #A – Adult
  • #AA – African American
  • #AD – Adventure
  • #CB – Chapter Book
  • #CF – Christian Fiction
  • #CON – Contemporary
  • #CR – Contemporary Romance
  • #E – Erotica
  • #ER – Erotic Romance
  • #ES – Erotica Suspense
  • #F – Fantasy
  • #H – Horror
  • #HA – Humor
  • #HF – Historical Fiction
  • #HR – Historical Romance
  • #INSP – Inspirational
  • #IRMC – Interracial/Multicultural
  • #LF – Literary Fiction
  • #LGBT
  • #M – Mystery
  • #Mem – Memoir
  • #MG – Middle Grade
  • #MR – Magical Realism
  • #NA – New Adult
  • #NF – Non-fiction
  • #PB – Picture Book
  • #P – Paranormal
  • #PR – Paranormal Romance
  • #R – Romance
  • #RS – Romantic Suspense
  • #S – Suspense
  • #SF – SciFi
  • #SFF – Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • #T – Thriller
  • #UF – Urban Fantasy
  • #W – Westerns
  • #WF – Women’s Fiction
  • #YA – Young Adult

There do not seem to be particular hashtags for Zombies or Vampires or the like, but that may change in the future.

What are the rules?

Per Ms. Drake, the rules are:

  • You can only pitch complete, polished manuscripts. No works in progress allowed!
  • Keep the feed clear, so don’t favorite or retweet your friends’ pitches. But you can always reply and just take the #PitMad hashtag out.
  • Don’t tweet agents or publishers unless they tweet you first.
  • Be courteous and professional, of course.
  • If you can’t be there, use HootSuite or TweetDeck to schedule your pitches.
  • You can only pitch three times during a dedicated #PitMad day (although these can be all about one work or about three separate works), and the tweets have to differ somehow, even if it’s just a difference of a period.
  • If you are invited to submit a manuscript, be sure to put PitMad Request: TITLE in the subject line of your email when sending your request. Plus, of course, follow all other submission guidelines for the requestor.

What is the schedule?

The last two sessions in 2016 are on September 8, 2016 and December 1, 2016.

You’d better get crackin’!