Who I Am, and What I am all About

About Lonely Writer

This was taken in April of 2016. I’m naturally skeptical in most pictures.

Call me Ishmael Janet.

What am I about? I am an American woman in my – ahem – 50s. I am a Master’s degree candidate, in Communications (Social Media). My undergraduate degree is in Philosophy. I also hold a JD. However, I haven’t done anything too specifically related to my professional degree in a good fifteen-plus years. It was a rather poor fit for me.

After quitting my original profession, I ended up as a legal auditor for some time, traveling around the country as a road warrior. Since auditors are loved the world over, and living out of a suitcase 200 – 250 days out of the year is everyone’s ambition, I looked to get out of that job as quickly as I could.

Getting into Tech

I was good at Excel (when I was hired to audit, I didn’t even know what a spreadsheet was) and so, when the Business Analyst left the company, I was tossed a rather large book on databases and told, “Here, Janet! Teach yourself databases.”

It took me around six months or so.

By the time I left the auditing/databases job, riding the dot-com bubble in 2000 and then 2001, people who had so much as waved their hands over databases were being hired by financial services companies. Then 9/11 happened, and the bottom dropped out of the market. This took with it my job.

I bounced around to several other companies and, as I went along, my work became more and more about computers and abstract concepts, and less about people. At the time, I was also volunteering in social media. I decided I would attempt to work in the field.

The Here and Now

I learned that there are a lot of wannabes out there. Hence I began to search for a certification program. After two semesters in it, I was enjoying the coursework so much that I became a full-time Master’s candidate. This is my capstone project.

I was (and am) volunteering for a small podcast, and for a large Q & A forums site. In the meantime, I also won a writing contest – the prize was a publishing contract. I also work for a wedding blog, culling images for their blog and for Instagram.

Hence I do both. Or, rather, all three. I work remotely, and go to school. Plus I write every single day.

I am home, I am on the West Coast, I am in Massachusetts or Connecticut or New York, and sometimes I’m on Mars. Welcome to my world.